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My name is Adrian I. Garcia. I am a bi-cultural Mexican American artist. I grew up with two native languages. Born in one country and raised in another, I never let go of my identity as a child of either, but embraced both wholeheartedly. Being on the fringe of society, growing up meant that I've always sought to tell the story of those don't necessarily fit in neat little boxes. To be able to use my own experience and unique history to give a voice to others is what I aspire to do with my life.
I have a B.A. in Cinema-Television with a particular interest in writing and art department. With over eight years of graphic design experience, I enjoy exploring new ideas and creating compelling storytelling through the medium. I'm a graphic designer with agency experience. I create logos, physical and digital pieces, and campaigns for a variety of events. I enjoy vigorous creative work and am passionate about exceeding expectations.

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